3D Darts Profesional

3D Darts Profesional is a realistic dart simulator. You can play against your friends, or play against the 48 computer-controlled opponents, each with its own level of difficulty, choosing competitor or tournament mode.
The simulator lets you play the most popular dart games, including 301, Cricket, Cricket21, 501 701, Hiscore, and cutthroat cricket. Each game has different variations, such as: Straight-In, Double-In, Treble-In, and Straight-Out, Double-Out, Treble-Out, and Masters-Out.
Game controls are very intuitive and realistic, “throwing” darts with the mouse.

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3D Darts Profesional
Operative system: Size:
Xp / 2000 / 9x 1 Mb
Date Downloads
2008-01-15 1088
Web Minimum requirements
www.czwo.com Processor: 800 mhz / memory RAM: 256 MB
Licence Recommended requirements
Processor: 1.6 GHz / memory RAM: 512 MB
Games / Simulator